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Generational wealth. Everyone wants it; everyone needs it. We are all chasing it, but only a few ever achieve it. The idea of creating generational wealth may be great, but not everyone knows how to make the dream a reality. Not everyone knows what it takes to get it done, and not everyone is able to persevere and stay committed enough to make it happen.

Don’t worry; that can change.

I wrote Game, Set, Match, and the tools that go along with it, to help you realize that kind of wealth.

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R.J. started in real estate investing in 2009. He's

purchased, renovated, and sold over 500 properties for a profit and currently owns and manages hundreds of properties that produce $350,000 monthly revenue.

Currently managing a team of 14 people, RJ has successfully raised over $75 million for real estate investments. RJ also actively gives to local charities, and was recently written up in Yahoo Finance as one of their Top 20 Entrepreneurs thriving during the pandemic.  

When he's not helping others build their own real estate fortune, RJ loves to spend time with wife and two children.

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